Welcome to the South Campus! This is where our K-8 grade students learn their way, and find their passion. The campus, located in the heart of Woodinville, has many interactive features for students, including: a playground, garden, and plenty of space for students to grow and explore. We have a passionate team of teachers eager to engage your student in their learning journey.

At Chrysalis we create a personalized schedule that is customized to each student’s unique learning needs. Our teachers develop each student’s curriculum, and increase student engagement in the learning process, by using their interests and discovering their talents. This personalized approach to learning allows us the ability to work with students of various academic abilities. A key feature of our program is to teach students how to be responsible, independent learners, skills they utilize, as they learn, for the rest of their lives. To learn more about a specific program click below:

Elementary K-6

Junior High 7-8