The junior high students (7-8) at Chrysalis engage in a variety of academic and social activities when they are at school. A collaborate relationship with teachers and other students offers an environment that creates the greatest opportunity for every student to reach his or her potential. At Chrysalis, students are scheduled 2-5 days a week depending on the combination of small group classes and individual appointments in the student’s program.

The group classes are small (no more than 12 students) which easily allows for a hands-on approach to learning. Our junior high students have the opportunity to attend our North Campus (high school) in addition to our South Campus. This exposes them to a diverse group of teachers who are specialists in a variety of subjects. This also allows for students to take high school courses, including Math and World Languages. All group classes are multi-aged (7-8 grade), and are based on students’ personalities, social maturity, and abilities. Group class offerings include: Science, English, Drama, and Social Studies.

*8th grade classes will now be at the High School Campus for 2013-2014

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