Elementary K-7

The elementary students (K-7) at Chrysalis engage in a variety of academic classes and social activities when they are at school. A collaborate relationship with teachers and other students offers an environment that creates the greatest opportunity for every student to reach his or her potential. At Chrysalis, students are scheduled 2-5 days a week depending on the combination of small group classes and individual appointments in the student’s program.

K-7 grade group classes:

The group classes are small (no more than 12 students) which easily allows for a hands-on approach to learning. All group classes are multi-aged, and based on students’ personalities, social maturity, and abilities. In the groups students will be exposed to a variety of subjects including: Social Studies, Science, Drama, Cooking, Art, Language Arts and P.E. The curriculum in the groups is emerging, allowing our extraordinary teachers the ability to follow the passion, strengths, and interests of the students in the group classes.

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