Chrysalis has been an approved private school since 1983. It had been accredited since 1995 through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, now known as AdvancED. Every six years, accredited schools undergo extensive self-evaluation and outside peer review. Our most recent study was completed in March of 2015. All of our scores were above average in every category. See accreditation summary.

Student Population: Chrysalis is a school of over 200 students in grades K-12. Our population includes internationally competitive athletes, students with learning challenges, honors students, students with health issues, and students who travel. Students span a wide range of academic accomplishment. There is no testing requirement as a prerequisite for admission.

Senior Class: We average 50 graduates per year.  Our average SAT score for the last three years was 1580 (reading 545, Math 516, writing 520). Last year’s graduating class had 10 Washington State Honors Award recipients (top 10% of the entire state’s graduating class).

University Bound: From the classes of 2010 through 2014, 58% went on to a four-year university, 23% to a community college or tech school, and 18% to work or other pursuits. In 2014 we had students accepted by Brown and Stanford. Our students have been accepted at a variety of universities including: Yale, University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University/Boston Conservatory, Julliard, New University (Joffrey Ballet), California Polytechnical University, Amherst, Cornell, Duke, Notre Dame,Evergreen, Syracuse, Renesslar Polytechnical Institute, Lehigh, Chapman, Lewis and Clark, Knox, Butler, Seattle Pacific University, Washington State University, Western Washington University, Gonzaga, Cornish, Art Institute of Seattle, and most area community colleges. See more colleges

Curriculum: Chrysalis offers small group classes of 6-12 students. Many subjects are taught one-on-one. Some classes are core college preparatory classes and follow a traditional syllabus. Other classes are oriented more towards individual interests and vary based on student input. A course catalog is available on our website. All courses required for university entrance are offered and may be completed at an advanced or honors level. IB or AP classes are not offered.

Diploma Requirements (minimum 20 credits): 4 English, 3 Math, 2 Science, 1 Contemporary World Problems, 1 US History, .50 Civics, .50 Washington History, 1 Careers, 1.5 PE, .50 Health, 1 Fine Arts, and electives. 24 credits are required for the graduating class of  2019, adding an additional 1 Fine Arts, 2 World Language, and 1 science. A senior portfolio is also required.

College Preparatory Requirements: We offer a wide variety of college prep courses. Each college sets their own entrance requirements. We recommend that you verify the admissions requirements and recommendations with the colleges of your choice. See more on College Preparation.

Grades: We use a four point system. Students must have the equivalent of a “C” grade to receive credit. Courses can be taken for a grade or pass/fail. We do not rank students.

Advantages and Special Features: Chrysalis places an emphasis on learning independently, requiring students to become self-directed learners, using time away from school to learn or serve the community. Independent learning through a one-to-one mentor relationship with a consulting teacher allows for students’ interests and abilities to be taken into consideration when designing their overall curriculum.  While the content of this student/teacher time is mostly academic and instructional in character, it is the personal relationship that emerges from this contact that is most influential.