Welcome to the Chrysalis School website. Deciding where your child will go to school can be daunting. Many schools sound alike when they say they “personalize” and “individualize” for their students. How do you decide? We have included a lot of information about our school on this site and we hope you think Chrysalis could be the right fit for your family.

Chrysalis School offers personalized learning programs for grades K-12. We have two campuses in Woodinville—the South Campus (grades K-7) and Chrysalis High School (grades 8-12).

When you choose a Chrysalis education, you’re choosing a progressive educational philosophy developed over thirty years ago by our founder, Karen Fogle. We believe that every student deserves to grow, learn, and become who they are meant to be in their own time. We use an approach that puts the student first, is grounded in best practices around learning, and considers their development in a holistic way. While in most schools students are asked to adapt to the school, at Chrysalis we adapt to them. We want our students to be happy, love learning, and enjoy coming to school throughout their educational journey.

See how we apply the latest research into our teaching practices.

Personalized Learning

  • The cornerstone for student success is recognizing the needs of each individual learner. We create personalized programs for each and every student, with great consideration for their interests, preferences, personalities, and needs. We hand-select their teaching team, combination of classes, days and times to create an optimal learning environment where they will grow and succeed. Their personalized program will differ in many ways from a more traditional school environment. Schedules, classes, curriculum, goals, grading, and homework are all informed by what’s developmentally appropriate for them every step of the way.We adjust the pace, style of instruction, amount of content, and course difficulty based on student ability.
    • Putting the “person” in personalization! Teacher-student partnerships are a pretty big deal here at Chrysalis. In fact, they’re the foundation of what we do! Each student has a team of teachers, led by a “consulting teacher” who manages their program. We emphasize student-teacher collaboration and encourage students to help choose the direction of their classes. Our student-staff ratio is 4:1, so there’s no way to slip between the cracks—someone’s always there to lend a helping hand!

A Strengths-Based Approach

  • We know that every child is exceptional and celebrate who they are. They have gifts, talents, and abilities in a combination that is unique to them—a thumbprint that’s fundamental to achieving success and leading a meaningful life. When we hold students to arbitrary standards, compare them to others, or only hope for average achievement, we sell them short. At Chrysalis we want each of our students to be their best by allowing them to be themselves, pursue their strengths, and learn in ways that best fit them.

Success for All

  • Our mission is to provide every student a successful school experience. We do this by ensuring they are working at the right level (regardless of their age or grade), providing just the right amount of support as it’s needed, and surrounding them with a positive school environment. Once children have experienced success, it keeps building as they grow in confidence and are willing and able to take new risks in their learning.

Personal Development

  • We provide our students with an environment where they are valued for who they are, given space to blossom, and where their studies are based in their interests. This results in incredible academic results without sacrificing the well-being, wholeness, and joy that are so important to children’s development into healthy adults.


  • When a student establishes strong relationships with their teachers, is allowed to learn in their own way, and is adequately challenged, learning is natural and enjoyable. As our students gain confidence and independence as a result of being enrolled. They have a stronger sense of themselves and are well-prepared for their post-high school experiences. We respect and prepare students for a variety of post-high school paths, but 83% attend college upon graduation and even more do so within the next few years. Our students have been accepted into top tier colleges including Stanford, Yale, and Brown, as well as our great local colleges and universities. They report back that they were often more prepared than their peers.

Who does well at Chrysalis?

  • Almost anyone would benefit from being at Chrysalis. We have an incredibly diverse student body—ranging from students with challenges that cause them to struggle in school to high achievers who are passionate about academics. Our high level of personalization allows us to meet all their academic needs. Students who crave independence and a say in their studies, and who don’t require strict boundaries or overt structure, do well here. If you hope for your child to know themselves as a learner and an individual, grow in a positive environment, and have a meaningful school experience, we’re the right place for your family.