Teachers Need Summer Break Too!

Research: Blogger Joshua Block writes about the importance of summer break for teachers, noting that reflection and rejuvenation are critical parts of the profession to escape the mechanization of routine. Teachers use this time to develop new ideas, engage new experiences, work on their professional development, and gather energy for another big year to come.

Practice: Our teachers are big-time adventurers! They’re volunteering, travelling, hiking, climbing, writing, attending workshops, spending time with family, and much much more this summer! Keep reading our staff highlights all summer long to see what they’re up to and what adventures they’ll have to share with your child!

10403754_10100950675131470_6952113015170804811_oStaff highlightsMaggie Onewein took a trip to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the Grand Canyon, where she hiked through beautiful orange canyons and biked the rim of the Grand Canyon. Where have your adventures taken you