Karen Fogle has been the director of Chrysalis School, a private independent school, since she founded the school 30 years ago. She started Chrysalis in her home, and along with her dedicated colleagues, developed it into one of the most creative and compelling schools in the greater Seattle area. Chrysalis alumni have participated in the Olympics, graduated from top-tier colleges and universities including Yale, became teachers and lawyers, and have found success in the theater and a variety of other venues.

Karen Fogle has spent over 30 years researching how people learn and communicate, observing children of all ages and working with parents and teachers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. She knows what it takes for a student to reach their full potential. Karen is an expert in child development and knows how school success impacts students. As an expert in the teaching field, she offers her teaching staff insights and useful information that can be implemented immediately with students.

In addition to starting an elementary and high school, Karen also started a state- approved clock-hour agency, allowing teachers in Washington to update their credentials through her program, where she leads an active teacher training program. She has earned repeatedly high marks during rigorous accreditation reviews by her peers in the field of education. Karen has developed a school design model, GPS™, based on the 30 years of research at Chrysalis. She has extensive experience in designing personalized curriculum based on students’ unique learning profiles.

Karen encourages all who know her to develop their strengths and talents. She willingly shares her extensive research into psychology, child development, brain research, educational reform and learning alternatives.

Karen L. Fogle
Founder, Director

Designing Models – GPS™

Karen was a leader in the field of homeschooling in the 1980s when homeschooling legislation was catching up to the needs of parents who were looking for an alternative to traditional schooling for their children. She was active in the legislative process that led to the pilot project and eventually current homeschooling laws. She also co-founded the first homeschooling support group organization, TPA, starting in Woodinville. This support group model was adopted by homeschoolers all over the state of Washington. She was often a popular speaker and presented many classes at annual homeschooling conventions. Karen was an adjunct faculty member at Seattle Pacific University for many years, teaching a course qualifying parents to homeschool. She taught this qualifying course in various cities in both Washington state and Canada. She wrote” Simply Homeschooling,” the textbook for the course.

The original independent study model that Karen designed in the 80s at Chrysalis was adapted for the public school homeschool programs that began to be implemented in the mid 90s. Almost every major public school district adapted the model.

Karen continued to modify and improve the educational model at Chrysalis, expanding the course offerings and developing the personalized curriculum design model used today. This model, Guided Personalized Study™, is an original trademarked school design model developed over 30 years of observing and working with students and the staff’s experiences with over 3000 students, applying the most current and extensive learning and brain research available today.  Check out http://www.karenfogle.com/ for more educational resources.

More about Karen

Karen attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and completed a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification program at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, in 1974. Her education and teacher training was based on progressive educational philosophy and beliefs which focused on changing the school environment to be more personal and meaningful for children.

She started her teaching career in a public school in Ohio that was focused on individualized learning and open classrooms. She also taught in a year-round school with multi-age student groupings and team teaching. She later moved moved to Seattle where she completed her graduate-level teacher certification (fifth year) at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University, where she was an adjunct faculty member for several years. She continues to take the courses necessary to maintain her current teaching credentials.

Karen is an avid student and is well read on many subjects. Her areas of expertise include progressive education and school reform, learning and teaching styles, and brain research. See her favorite books and resources on this website.

Karen helps people discover how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can affect work performance, relationships, success and self-worth. Karen shows how understanding people and appreciating their unique abilities can benefit the health of an organization and its employees, improving productivity in the workplace.

Karen is also a married, mother of 3, and grandmother of 8. Her husband, children and grandchildren are a continual source of insight and inspiration.