Set the Stage and Then Leave It

Research: Contrary to popular belief and most school policies, parental involvement in their child’s school life by and large does not improve student achievement. In fact, a study on parental engagement found that higher levels of involvement (including help with homework) often negatively affect achievement. It found that the most important way parents can be involved is by communicating the value of learning to their child. The authors’ best advice to parents is to “set the stage and then leave it.”

Practice: By enrolling your child at Chrysalis you’ve effectively set the stage for your child. We work hard to match your child with the right teachers, ensure they are in a positive environment, and provide the right supports when they need them to ensure their success. It’s all about the journey from dependent to independent learner, which means a more hands-off approach for parents. Parents often ask how they can help support their student and our answer is quite simple: love them unconditionally and be their cheerleader. Teach them all life has to offer beyond academics: show them acceptance, teach them kindness, and model the value of learning.