Seattle Aquarium, Last Field Trip Of The Year For The SC!

The South Campus went to the Seattle Aquarium today for their final field trip of the school year.
It was a great success.  They started the day in the classroom with one of the Seattle Aquarium’s Biologist for the Hand-on Tidepool Wonders class.  In the class they learned all about marine invertebrates (animals without backbones) and then had a chance to study and touch these amazing living creatures.  The kids had a great time sticking their hands in the icy cold water and touching many cool creature including starfish, sea cucumbers, crabs, and mollusks.  Once the class ended, the kids had a chance to explore the rest rest of the aquarium.  We even were able to see the harbor seals eat their lunch: they were definitely a bit hit with everyone.
Before heading back to the bus, many of the students took a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel, located next door to the aquarium.  It was a memorable day.  A perfect way to end a great year of South Campus field trips!