Sarah Hurst Chrysalis School Testimonial

After a couple of years in another private school my son started to fall behind in a couple of subjects, besides hurting him academically, this was also beginning to effect his social interactions at school, and his self esteem. His school suggested that we get him some outside help so we began to enroll him in after school reading labs and tutoring sessions. Homework started to get difficult, arguments would rear up over misunderstandings. He seemed to be unhappy and struggling with the fact that his other class mates knew he wasn’t keeping up. We would have many conversations about how he felt he was “stupid” and how the other kids were starting to tease him more often about being a little behind. After multiple meetings with the faculty and administration we decided that the school did not have the proper tools to help my son get through the obstacles he was facing in the classroom.

I had also struggled with some of the same issues in school and as an adolescent I was diagnosed with auditory memory dyslexia. My own mother had searched for ways to help me, tutors and after school programs, special education programs, anything that was available to struggling students, but nothing seemed to help me. I remember feeling that I was somehow less than others, I was angry, and often wanted to just give up, which I tried on several occasions. I fell behind in school, almost a whole year, when in 1992 my mother found Chrysalis. My teacher helped me one on one, he was able to change the curriculum to fit my learning style and explained things to me in a way that I understood. I began to get a handle on the concepts that had eluded me in the past and it felt great! I worked hard and made up the year that I was behind, keeping that momentum I was also able to graduate a year early. After graduating from Chrysalis I was accepted into BYU Hawaii, another amazing feat considering the direction I was headed just a few short years earlier, I have no doubt that Chrysalis changed my life forever.

My son is now going on his second year at Chrysalis, after just one year he is right back where he should be academically, his self esteem has skyrocketed and he is happy, he is actually enjoying school for a change, and is definitely “sick” a lot less. – 1994 Chrysalis School Graduate and Parent