Tuition & Fees

Tuition is determined by the combination of individual appointments and group classes in a student’s program. This is different for each student. Tuition also covers most books and materials, the informal study time and coaching that occurs between appointments and classes. Tuition also includes a range of other services that we provide beyond the student’s actual time in classes including college advising, school events, clubs and activities.

Tuition fees are effective for the 2014-2015 school year and are subject to change. Tuition is due monthly for 10 months or can be paid for the year in advance.  Annual tuition is based on each student’s program.

The only additional fees are for optional items.

*Financial Aid or Scholarships not available.

Elementary/Junior High Program

  • Elementary K-6
  • $15,100-$23,700 per year
  • Junior High 7-8
  • $15,100-$26,850 per year

This program includes a combination of small group classes and individual instruction.  Language arts, math, science, humanities and electives are included. For an increased cost students can add additional electives. A student’s schedule can be flexible, both in the length of their day and number of days in the school week.

High School Program

  • High School
  • $23,500-$33,000 per year

This high school program includes a combination of small group classes and individual instruction.  English, math, science, social studies and an elective is included in the fee. For college bound students the elective is often a world language. For an increased cost students can add additional electives.

  • Supported K-6
  • $19,800-$28,400 per year *
  • Supported Junior High 7-8
  • $19,800-$31,550 per year *
  • Supported High School
  • $28,200-$38,200  per year *

This supported program is designed for students who need additional support in their classes. We require support for students who have high absences, anxiety, depression, health needs, ADD, ADHD or a learning disability. We adjust both the length of day and the number of days the student attends per week, based on our ongoing assessment, to assure student success. Most students in this program have shortened days or attend fewer than 5 days a week to create a more customized program that fits their unique needs.

*Tuition ranges are estimated based on typical coursework and services.

Single High School Subjects

  • One High School Subject
  • $705 per month
  • $470 for each additional course per month

We have openings for students who want to take just one or more single high school subjects for credit while attending and working towards graduation at their current high school. Courses available include foreign languages (Spanish, French, German and Japanese), math including calculus and statistics. A full range of honors courses including advanced chemistry and physics are also available. Please see our course catalog for all courses available.

  • K-8 Homeschooling
  • $470 per month
  • High School Homeschooling program cost is individualized

  • A $1000 non-refundable application fee is due with the completed application.
  • An annual registration fee of $500 will be due in the years following initial enrollment.  This fee is due in full for each school year or any part of a school year.  This fee is non-refundable.