Students whose learning style favors kinesthetic or “hands-on” activities tend to prefer project-based learning, which we offer for all grades and ages. We also allow large blocks of time for field trips and community-based experiences. See examples of student projects below.


RhombicosidodecahedronOne of our Chrysalis students, loves building things. In his Geometry class he is studying three-dimensional objects made of polygonal faces. Instead of just reading about these shapes, our student set out to build his own, to truly experience it. There are only eighteen possible convex shaped where every face is a regular polygon. The shape he built, a rhombicosidodecahedron, consists of twenty squares (rhombuses) and twenty triangles arrayed in an dodecahedral shape with twelve pentagons arrayed in an icosahedral shape. Who said geometry couldn’t be fun?





During the 20 minute flight from Boeing Field in Seattle to Chrysalis High School for his Senior Portfolio in the dual-control copter, Robert was joined by his flight instructor “Take” Takeuchi of Classic Helicopter and Brendon Fogle, Chrysalis’ video, film and photography teacher who was documenting the event. During his senior year Robert completed his helicopter pilot’s license requirements for his portfolio project. His physic’s teacher focused his studies on the physics of flight. Along with his teacher he used helicopter models to experiment with the effects of various helicopter designs.