Through current brain research we know that every brain is different. Every brain is also impacted by environment and some brains are more flexible than others. AD/HD, learning delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia, memory and processing differences are all examples of brains that lack flexibility. These challenges are often problematic in traditional classrooms. Some learners need a quiet, distraction free environment to focus. Some learners require more time to process information during the instructional process; some need to talk or move to learn; some simply aren’t ready at the same time as their peers to assimilate information and apply concepts, and need additional years to develop intellectually. We understand these differences and are able to teach effectively with a personalized learning plan designed for your child.

It’s hard to concentrate in school and keep up with a full schedule when you are living with a health challenge. Students with depression, anxiety, and other illnesses will benefit from a welcoming and nurturing environment that will reduce the school related stress that might be contributing to their illness. We can design a customized schedule allowing time to rest and work at their own pace.

Our priority is to provide a positive school experience where everyone’s strengths are emphasized. We give students the opportunity to master the material and reduce the potential for the frustration that comes with being overwhelmed by school demands. We want to give students the opportunity to discover themselves as learners, identify the gaps that have occurred in their education, and help them recognize both where they are successful, and where–as well as why–they haven’t been in the past. The result is a significant gain in self-confidence.