“Hello Friends,

As you know I am now teaching with Chrysalis School in Woodinville. I am happy to report that my experience so far has been nothing short of wonderful. The director of Chrysalis, Karen Fogle, began the school in her home almost thirty years ago. Yes, the roots of Chrysalis are in homeschooling! Karen and her husband just couldn’t find a public school program that was a match for what they wanted for their children’s education. Soon she had several friends who brought their children to her house for “school.” Before she knew it her home was too small and the school emerged from there.

Originally students just came a few days a week. It was just in the recent past that families wanted more, so the school began to offer a full time option. One of the amazing things about Chrysalis is its ability to individualize an education plan for every child. Students have a combination of group classes like drama, English, fashion design or science. They also have individual appointments in areas like math, writing, cooking or just about anything you can think of.

Next fall Chrysalis plans to offer a program for homeschoolers again. It’s challenging to wrap up the possibilities into one flier, because their are so many things that Chrysalis can offer. After all, every child has different interests and different learning styles.

Jennifer Reif”