Welcome to Chrysalis High School! This is where our 8th through 12th grade students learn their way, discover their path and find their passion. At our high school campus, we average between 150-200 students every school year. All of our students have unique schedules because we create a personalized plan that is customized to each student’s unique learning needs. The teachers develop each student’s curriculum, increasing student engagement in the learning process, by using their interests and discovering their talents. This personalized approach to learning is a key feature of our program because we teach students how to be responsible independent learners; skills they will utilize for rest of their lives.

Our class size varies. You can take a private individual appointment with an instructor (like math), a class in a small group of 12 (like chemistry), or an even larger class (like drama).

Most group classes are small (no more than 12 students) which easily allows for a hands-on approach to learning. Each student works with a diverse group of teachers who are specialists in a variety of subjects. Students can take almost any high school course, including Calculus, Statistics, Advanced chemistry and physics, and high level world language courses. We have a fantastic fine arts department with excellent theater and photography programs. We have strong offerings in the computer field, including programming. See all of our offerings in our course catalog. Our students enjoy a variety of activities and clubs that vary based on student interest.