Personalized Learning

Our K-7 program is the first step in a Chrysalis education. It’s where our younger students explore their world, gain strength and confidence as learners, and awaken new passions. Every student engages in a personalized course of study based upon their learning needs and preferences. We offer both individual appointments and group classes, instructed by an enthusiastic team of teachers who love what they do and provide loads of project based learning!

Experience Success

Individualization is key to success in learning and what Chrysalis does best. We allow every child to work at their “just right” level of challenge. One-on-one appointments are the optimal choice for individualization where teachers can use student interests to drive learning, answer student questions on the spot, and continually assess and adapt to their progress. We also offer small (12 or less), multi-age classes that are determined by students’ personalities, social maturity, and academic ability. Our ultimate goal is for every child to experience success and develop a love of learning.

Academic Growth

Our academic program is paired with a strong respect for childhood development and focus on play to encourage age appropriate independence. We are committed to the Arts which supports both emotional and academic growth. We also purposefully promote kindness, cooperation, and the importance of everyday life lessons. Maintaining a positive school culture where every student feels safe and valued as a member of their school community is our priority.  See Sample Schedule.