3 years required for graduation

Group: Our high school preparatory science sequence is biology, physics, chemistry and advanced physics or advanced chemistry.

One on one: In addition to the above courses, additional topical courses include: environmental science, marine biology, astronomy, neuroscience, botany, etc. 


  • The student will meet with the instructor individually for the study of the systems of the human body, physiology, awareness of community resources, and health issues.

Astronomy: (individual)

  • The student will meet individually with the instructor for the study of the universe including the solar system, planets, stars, and space exploration.

Environmental Science: (individual)

  • This individual course will focus on the study of environmental issues with emphasison understanding complex issues and community involvement.

Life Science: (individual)

  • The student and teacher will meet individually to study life systems. Topics may include: classification, basic genetics, plants, animals, cell theory, and current events. A separate lab must be taken to fulfill the lab requirement.

Marine Biology: (individual)

  • The teacher and student will meet individually for the study of marine life, ecosystems, diversity, and environmental issues.

Meteorology: (individual)

  • This individual course explores the basics of weather and climate, including energy flow in the atmosphere, clouds, precipitation, winds, air masses and fronts, storms, and climate change. Research may be a component of the course including, but not limited to, hands-on experiments, explorations and written composition.

Physical Science: (individual, group)

  • The teacher and students will meet for the study of basic physical science concepts. Possible topics include: density, atomic structure, motion, heat, light, electricity, and magnetism. A separate lab must be completed to fulfill lab requirement.

Science, General: (individual)

  • This individual course will focus on the study of basic life and physical and/or earth science topics. A separate lab must be completed to fulfill the lab graduation requirement.

Zoology: (individual)

  • A study of birds from early development to present day with an emphasis on anatomy and physiology. Identification of song and plumage is also covered.