A computer course is one of the courses that can meet the career/tech ed requirement for graduation. We offer courses in most programming languages, computer hardware and network design, and a variety of courses designed for the specific student’s interests.

After Effects: (individual)

  • Prerequisite: For advanced users only of both Photoshop and Premiere.
  • Using Adobe After Effects for both still photography and video editing. May also be used to meet fine the arts graduation requirement.

Computer Applications: (individual)

  • The student will work individually with an instructor to develop advanced knowledge of current applications of specific software.

Computer Hardware: (individual, group)

  • This class is for students with some experience and aptitude with networking and computer building. The exact area of focus will be determined based on the student’s interests and abilities.

Computer Programming: (individual)

  • The student will work individually with an instructor to learn computer scripts such as JAVA,C++.

Computer Advanced: (individual, group)

  • Prerequisite: Teacher permission
  • Students will meet individually or in a group with their teacher and learn about case-modding, advanced networking, exotic cooling solutions, and alternative operating systems.

Photoshop (beginning, intermediate & advanced): (individual, group)

  • This course explores the use of Adobe Photoshop at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. The course may also be used to meet the fine arts graduation requirement.

Digital Editing: (individual)

  • In this individual course students will learn the fundamentals of Pro Tools, the most current professional audio production software used in the industry. They will learn to record, edit and mix a variety of sound forms including both music samples and everyday sound effects.

Web Design: (individual)

  • The student will work with an instructor individually to learn the basics of constructing web pages using HTML or various software applications.