The courses listed here are offered at the high school campus. Some 7th grade students participate in group elective classes with 8th grade students at the high school on Fridays. Students looking for a challenge can take math and foreign language courses at the high school level.

English 8

This course will cover both reading and writing skills needed to prepare students for high school courses.

Math 8

This individual course will be determined after meeting with the student and assessing their appropriate level of math. Eligible students can take Pre-Algebra, Algebra or beyond.


This group course will focus on the study of life, physical and/or earth science topics. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through small group projects, individual investigations and whole group guided experimentation.

Washington State History

Students will study the Pacific Northwest region. Topics include: events that led to the establishment of Washington, state  government, early explorers, land forms, climate, vegetation, and topography.


This group Art class teaches techniques and elements of art and design. Creativity will be encouraged through a broad range of projects. Work will be exhibited on a regular basis.

Computer Applications

In this group class students will develop a basic knowledge of current applications of productivity and creative software. Use of e-mail, cloud storage, and home access to the Internet is required.


This course in educational theater teaches communication, collaboration and creativity  with such topics as: Improvisation, scene study, play writing,and theater design.  There will be performance opportunities throughout the year.

Music (Rock Band)

This group music class students will explore rock music, learn to play instruments and perform.

Photoshop, Intro to

This group course explores the use of Adobe Photoshop at introductory and intermediate levels.

Programming & Logic, Intro to

Students will learn basic programming concepts such as: Variables, operators, control flow, iteration and Boolean logic. Students will be introduced to programming languages including but not limited to Javascript, C#, Python and Ruby.

World Languages

Students may take the appropriate level any of the five world languages we offer. The options for world language are French, German, Japanese, Sign Language and Spanish.