Pete Carroll OR Karen Fogle?

Pete Carroll or Karen Fogle?

ESPN Magazine recently published an article on the Seahawks that really resonated with us at Chrysalis. Pete Carroll, Seahawks Head Coach, takes a fundamentally different approach to managing his players than others in the NFL, focusing on individual well-being, mental health, mentorship, and optimism as key components to his team’s successes. He’s developed a reputation as a “buddy coach,” encouraging players to grow personally and physically to attain their optimal performance. He states, “I wanted to find out if we went to the NFL and really took care of guys, really cared about each and every individual, what would happen?” In his fourth season with the Seahawks now, players are responding enthusiastically to Carroll’s methods and the team is favored to go to the Superbowl this year!

If this sounds familiar, it might be because Carroll’s strategy parallels the Chrysalis philosophy. At Chrysalis we know that individual well-being is first and foremost to achievement, and that positivity and the development of confidence are central to rendering results. This is why we work so hard to ensure our students attain balance in their lives, develop positive relationships with their teachers and peers, and encourage engagement in their studies. It turns out that happy students make better students! Carroll notes, “we do stuff differently here!” We’re proud to do the same in the realm of education! See the full article here.