Paradigm Shift

Para ShiftResearch: Research on the brain and in education clearly shows that many of the practices held tightly by traditional schools are flawed and even harmful to continue. Even though we can all see a desperate need for change, schools remain status quo, with rigid structures and a focus on norms, efficiency, obedience, and passive learning. Marilyn Ferguson described the need for a paradigm shift in education in her classic book,The Aquarian Conspiracy, to find more effective ways to educate our children than the traditional school model.

Practice: At Chrysalis we recognized the paradigm shift occurring in education years ago and have been operating in this new paradigm for 32 years. In the new paradigm, learning is individualized and flexible, based on human relationships, and focuses on each child’s potential. We enjoy watching our students adapt to this new sense of schooling, where learning isn’t defined by the number of worksheets you fill out, but by the depth of your ability to think critically, creatively, and independently.