No Such Thing as Average

Research: Todd Rose of the Harvard Graduate School of Education recently presented a TEDx talk on the myth of the average child. When we assume that an “average” child exists, we assume that they have an average learning profile–that they are equally skilled or gifted in all areas. But in reality, all students have different strengths and weaknesses in many dimensions of learning and subject areas. Rose argues that teaching to the average destroys talent. By contrast, when we design learning environments for individuals we can see what they’re really capable of, nurture their individual potential, and let them soar.  Average

Practice: At Chrysalis we know that while a child may struggle in reading, they may also excel in science, math, art, or drama. They may struggle in art, but may enjoy computer programming or electronics. We are able to create schedules that allow students to develop their areas of challenge, while also spending larger quantities of time in their areas of strength to nurture and grow these areas to work toward their potential. We are the nurturers of individual potential!