My Happy Place

In English 9, the students were asked to respond to a writing prompt, which was partially taken from a prompt found on the Common App for college applications The prompt was – Describe a time or place where you felt perfectly content.  Josh wrote this short, but poignant, piece about one special day, at one very special place. 

My Happy Place

The day of my happy place was June 18th, 2013. It was the last day of school and it was Beach Pie Day. Every year, at the very end, everyone at school brought all different kinds of pies – cherry pie, apple pie, blueberry pie . There were store bought pies, homemade pies, and pies baked at school. There were plenty of pies to go around for everyone!

Everyone also dressed like they were going to the beach to eat pie.I had woken up that morning feeling excited about it being the last day of school and I felt refreshed. I rushed to the bathroom, took a shower, and headed back to my room.  After my usual getting ready routine, I headed to school. When I got there my friends Jonah, Ben, and Dayian were there too. We all got our regular morning food of a chicken flavored Cup Of Noodles and sat down in the corner of the room and discussed what was it gonna be like without Dayian and Ben (this was their last day at Chrysalis). We had decided that the next year of school would not be as fun, and maybe a little lonely.

After about an hour of just talking, we headed outside and ran around having fun.  I don’t think I ever felt my smile come off my face. Everyone was so happy and having a great time. I had never been so happy to be at Chrysalis in that moment, with those people that I love so much, at the school that I treat like my home. After some contests and pie eating, we sat in front of all of our reflections of a dark window at the side of the school looking at our group and thinking, “wow, what a great year.” We talked about all our favorite times together. That day made me feel like my life was perfect.

After that we headed back inside and got ready to leave the South Campus for good. I said goodbye to all my favorite teachers, like Kent and Debbi.  In the end, we all said goodbye to one another and parted our ways in separate cars, but our friendship never left my heart.