McKenzie, Warren | 2005 Chrysalis School Alumni

Class of: 2005
College: University of Texas, University of New Brunswick
Degree: Ongoing, Masters in Igneous Petrology
Occupation: Grad Student

After Chrysalis I went to Western Washington University and later transferred over to the University of Texas, where I found my love of sports and lost my inner nerd. I spent as much time as possible learning languages and studying abroad, spending two summers in the Faroe Islands.

I’m currently a graduate student at the University of New Brunswick, getting a masters in Igneous Petrology while my fiancée works on a forestry degree.

I’ll likely be stuck at university for quite a while, as at this point I’m aiming for a PhD. In the meantime, I’m active in several student organizations as well as playing corner on the UNB Red Bombers football team.