Lyal’s Very Accurate View of his Kindergarten Day at Chrysalis

Lyal Viers Paper

Chrysalis, The School

Once upon a time, there was a school called Chrysalis.  Everybody at school was super fun and really nice. And, everybody at the school cared about everybody that was there.

When you come in, you check in.  Then, you order lunch.  Then, you go into class.  Then, you have PE.

Then, you have study hall.  In study hall you study math, reading, or whatever you need to do.  You can get a snack if you want to!  Snacks are good!

Then, you have lunch.  And, after lunch you have recess.  And, after recess you have drama or science.  In those classes you do a lot of work but it’s fun.  And, then you have PE again.  Then you have study hall.  You can get more snacks if you want, but first you have to check your lunch to see if your mom packed you some.

Then, when study hall is done, you check out.  Then, you get picked up and you get ready to come back tomorrow.


*Transcribed by Sarah Viers