Lodie Grubb Chrysalis School Review

Chrysalis has been the perfect fit for my son. I moved my son from public school to Montessori school in the 4th grade because he was not getting what he needed in the public school system. He sat in the middle with the system: no learning disability and no exceptional gifted abilities. An average boy. Popular with his friends, athletic and not interested in sitting in class for hours on end.
Much of his day was spent with his teacher shaming him for being “off task” and not focusing. He lost his confidence and disliked going to school.

Montessori worked for a few years, but then became very rigorous academically in the 7th grade. The same thing began to happen again. I could see his confidence being affected. This beautiful child is an average student, but an exceptional human being. He deserved more. He deserved to be in an atmosphere that rewards him for who he is and encourages his interests.
For 8th grade, I found Chrysalis! It has been a game changer!

Chrysalis customizes education to each student.  My son hated homework…he gets it all done at school before he leaves. My son hated the repetition of Math problems. He works one-on-one with a Math teacher to learn individually. Time is not wasted on things he already knows. They can concentrate on his personal learning needs.  My son is happy and confident. There are about twenty 8th graders and he has many friends. He looks forward to going to school each day and is learning like never before. He looks forward to staying at Chrysalis through High School and is already talking about what colleges he would like to go to.

Lastly, I must share and experience: His English teacher stopped me one day when I ran into school to drop something off. In the past, this would have incited dread in me. She said, ”I just want to tell you how wonderful your son is.” I cried. I have never been told that by a teacher. He is a wonderful boy. Thank you, Chrysalis!