Jacquie Moore Chrysalis School Testimonial

Mike has worked as a professional actor since the age of 8. He literally “grew up” on the stage at the Village Theater.

In our house we encourage our children to go further than just asking ‘why?’…..we encourage them to ask “why NOT?” and then help them pursue their dreams and passions at the same time as working on their academia. We believe that a World view fosters empathy, understanding and a belief that they can create change in the world.

While dreams and passions fuel the fire, academics give the knowledge and understanding of how to make change happen. At Chrysalis Mike has been honored in his passion while being given a very rigorous academic schedule to encourage and feed his need for knowledge.
Mike was recently in the feature film World’s Greatest Dad starring Robin Williams. The staff at Chrysalis have allowed him time to go on auditions and work on set during filming of various projects. He most recently performed at the Village Theaters Fund Raising Luncheon for the Kidstage programs – a gig he willingly volunteers for every year.

He also loves traveling. He has been to Machu Picchu and Patagonia. He recently traveled to Spain for a home stay Spanish immersion program the month of June and will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his Dad in late January of 2010. Again, without being enrolled in Chrysalis, these life-altering trips would not be possible.

As parents, we would not settle for anything less in a school than one that applies the same philosophy we do here at home. These children are the future of our world. We need to honor them, believe in them and hold them up to as high a standard as is possible. They will truly rise if they are allowed the freedom to believe in themselves (i.e. follow their dreams or passions) and if they are given the tools with which to continue learning throughout their lives (i.e. challenging course studies and supportive teachers)” -Jacquie Moore