Is Your Child Reading Too Early?

20131119_101845Research: A number of studies are beginning to emerge to support the claim that children are learning to read too young. They argue that starting formal schooling at 5 has no long-term benefits, can be damaging to other areas of development, and can affect their self-confidence if they aren’t ready. The new recommendation is for children to begin around age 7, allowing playful learning approaches to take a more prominent place in their development until then.

Practice: At Chrysalis each child is allowed to take the next step in their academic path when they are ready. Since we individualize every student’s program, there is room to develop at their own pace, without ever feeling frustrated, behind, or belittled by the process. With older students who’ve developed a reluctance to read from previous school experiences we start small, hone in on their interests, and get creative with what counts as reading (graphic novels, online content, non-fiction, etc.).