Guest Speaker – Lisa Yeeles

On Wednesday, October 17th, we welcomed Photo Editor, Lisa Yeeles from Eddie Bauer, to speak with us at the Chrysalis North Campus. In her fifth year as Editor, Lisa shared her experiences conducting and directing the design elements in a fashion catalog photo shoot. Eight of our fashion, design, drama and photography students participated, in preparation for our own in-school fashion shoot, this Friday.

Yeeles discussed the importance of collaboration and coordination within the team in order to make the magic happen. Other crucial elements come into play as well, such as location decisions, thematic direction of the shoot, current fashion trends and lighting, just to name a few. Ultimately, she stated that the number one driver in a photo shoot is…budget. Because catalog shoots are usually done a year in advance, staff members need to thoroughly prepare the numbers before they can research market trends, plan set location and start the the detailed process of catalog execution.

One student that attended was astonished by the complex process the photography undergoes and remarked “she showed us one progression of photos, how they looked right after the photos were taken and then with all the final editing.” Another student wondered about breaking into the fashion photography industry. Lisa replied with encouragement about pursuing passions, continuing education, the importance of making industry connections, building relationships and obtaining internships. It was a pleasure having her speak to our students and we appreciate her taking the time to educate us on the exciting process of catalog production.

Thank you Lisa!