Graham, Rhylee | 2010 Chrysalis School Alumni

Class of: 2010
College: Boise State University
Degree: Elementary Education / 2014
Occupation: Personal Assistant @ Day Spa

I am working on my second year at Boise State. Coming up to the end of the first semester. I’ve been a pretty busy girl since I moved to Idaho. I currently work at a Day Spa as a personal assistant and I’m an intern at a local Elementary school. If I’m not in class, working, or taking care of my boxer pup Zoey, you can find me in my apartment catching up on my favorite past time..MOVIES! Starting this summer I’ll also be starting a new school. I will be getting certified to be an esthetician as well as having my degree in Education. After getting certified, I will probably end up in a bigger city; Seattle, New York, San Francisco WHO KNOWS! 🙂