Get To Know Us…

Name: Jennifer Reif, Drama Teacher

How long have you been working at Chrysalis: Since January (2012)

What is your favorite activity outside of Chrysalis: Going to the theatre and outdoor activities (cycling, hiking, camping…)

What’s your favorite student success story (This could be a current student or a past student): In my short time at Chrysalis, I love hearing how students come out of their shells while participating in drama. Last year I had a group of students who were really having a challenging time focusing. We worked and worked on creating an ensemble, communicating, collaborating and sharing our creativity. At times it seemed an exercise in futility. Our spring improv performance was drawing near. I didn’t even know if the kids would show up. They did. They came together as an ensemble. They communicated on stage. They willingly shared their creativity. And they were awesome!!!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you (this can include places you’ve traveled, hidden talents, athletic ability, etc): I have done many sprint triathlons. In addition to teaching drama, I have been a professional actress for many years and also co-founded SecondStory Repertory Theatre.