Confident Learners

Research: In his argument about the industrialization of schools, Peter Senge argues against the traditional role of the teacher as the locus of control in the classroom, saying that no one teacher should be able to unilaterally judge a child’s performance, ability, style, or behavior. The teacher-as-manager model places undue weight on quantitative measures of performance, fails to acknowledge the subjective nature of assessment, and can negatively influence a child’s confidence as a learner.

Practice: At Chrysalis we recognize the importance of formulating teaching teams to properly assess a child’s progress. Even in our elementary program students are paired with a variety of teachers who coordinate and communicate with one another to gain insight into the needs and nature of the child. Each teacher sees something different in every student, and putting those pieces together to understand how to best serve their needs is one of the things we do best. We share, strategize, and make adjustments until we get it right.