Encouraging well-being

The World Health Organization identifies health and well-being as crucial elements to academic performance and educational attainment. Beyond the absence of disease, this refers to physical safety, nutritional health, physical fitness, sleep hygiene, supportive relationships, and positive mental health. When any aspect of well-being is lacking, the ability to learn is compromised.
Practice: We know from experience that when a child is hungry, tired, upset, or lacking any other basic need, they are not ready to learn. As we start a new year, we ask for your help in assuring that your child is in peak learning condition when they come to school by: packing them enough food for the day or money for snacks, ensuring they get enough rest, keeping them home when ill, making sure they have their glasses or other supplies they need to be successful, and doing anything you can to make for a good day. We thank you in advance!

A Little Respect!

Research: Sound Discipline of Seattle published a great article this week that asks us to re-think the notion of disrespect in scRespectAllhool and at home, distinguishing the concept of respect from that of obedience. They define obedience as “following the directions of an authority figure,” an act that is based in fear and results in compliance. By contrast, respect means “holding the other person in high regard” and considering their feelings, an act that is based in a cooperative relationship. In schools, they suggest that teachers and staff model self-regulation and respect, connect with students before asking anything of them/correcting them, and listen to their students. Click here for tips about how to practice respect at home.
Practice: We don’t believe that children choose to be disrespectful. So when we see behaviors that could be interpreted as such we dig down to find what’s really going on. Something must be off for such behaviors to flare. Is the student being stretched too far in some way? Academically? Socially? Physically? Emotionally? Does the student connect with their teacher or their peers? We gather teachers together or call team meetings to problem-solve such issues and can change the student’s program to meet their changing needs at any time. Respect is a fundamental aspect of our program.

College and Chrysalis

Research: In looking at numerous college websites and what they’re looking for in students, I came across one that outlines the myriad of skills that students will need in that environment…and only one involves academic preparation! The others include time management, stress management, money management, assertiveness skills, self-care, safety, self-advocacy, respect for rules/boundaries, and perseverance. See more detail here.

Practice: At Chrysalis we can work on many of these areas in the academic context; however, this highlights all that children have to learn outside of school before they leave the nest for college or any other endeavor. Summer is a great time to stretch the boundaries of your child’s independence by having them get involved with basic household chores, taking on projects to specifically develop any of these skill areas, and lovingly guiding them toward making positive choices.

Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life

Our science teacher’s here at Chrysalis, do an amazing job to make sure science is fun, interesting and to relatable to their lives. One of our junior high science classes, just submitted science essays to the “Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life,” Middle School Essay Contest.  They had to pick one of the following four categories:

 How does biomedical research impact you?

Have you (or has someone in your family) benefited from vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, surgery, or transplants?

How does biomedical research affect the health of your dog, cat, or other pet?

How might biomedical research touch your life in the future?

Once students decide on their topics, they then picked a specific subject that interested them and that impacted their life in some way.  The students chose to write about breast cancer, celiac disease, tonsillectomies, lung cancer, dialysis, robotic surgeries, hydrocephalus, and asthma. They spent a month learning how to do everything from doing research and citing your sources, to writing the final papers and editing.  The papers were amazing, and they hope to do well in the competition!

Their science research papers will be compared against students from around the northwest.  Over a 100 research scientists from the community will be judging them. By April 12th, we should find out how they did.  Winning entries will be featured in a newspaper article, they will also receive a cash prize and get to spend a day doing hands-on science at a local research facility.  Good luck everyone!

Stay tuned for the results!

To learn more about this project: http://www.nwabr.org/students/essay-contest



Graduation venue has been changed for tonight and will be held at the Northshore Senior Center

Graduation venue has been changed for tonight and will be held at the Northshore Senior Center.

“A fire is burning at power substation in Redmond, reportedly knocking out power across much of the Puget Sound area and sending black smoke billowing into the sky.”  The Kirkland Performance Center does not have power, it is unknown when it will be returned.

Directions to the Northshore Senior Center in Bothell

10201 East Riverside Drive
Bothell, WA 98011-3708

SENIORS: Please arrive at 6pm for the rehearsal
Graduation Ceremony still starts at 7pm!!

Heading North on 405 towards Bellevue/Everett
Take exit 23 toward Seattle/Bothell
Continue on the ramp and merge onto Woodinville Dr
Sharp Right onto Main St
Take the 2nd right onto 102nd Ave NE
Turn left onto E Riverside Dr.
Destination will be on the right

Heading South on 405
Take exit 24 for NE 195th St toward Beardslee Blvd.
Turn right onto NE 195th St
Continue straight onto 112th Ave NE
Continue onto Beardslee Blvd
Continue onto Main St.
Turn left onto 102nd Ave NE
Turn left onto E. Riverside Dr.
Destination will be on the right.