Blended Learning

Research: Much of the research on schools focuses on finding a solution that will solve the educational system’s woes. Among the most prominent ideas being promoted right now are “blended learning,” “flipped classrooms,” “STEM programs,” and other innovative solutions. Policymakers continue to hope that the implementation of one or more of these trends will serve as the magic bullet to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Practice: What’s missing is the personal nature of the learning process. We know we can’t prescribe the same solution for all kids. What works for one student could be detrimental to another. In reality, none of the solutions being discussed are a cure-all and shouldn’t be treated as such. That’s where an individualized program is so incredibly powerful. We can meet the needs of every student when we account for their individual strengths, needs, and interests to develop a personalized program that incorporates the models that a student would most benefit from.