Atkins, Ryan | 2004 Chrysalis School Alumni

Class of: 2004
College: University of Oregon
Degree: Biochemistry: Central Washington University 2008
Occupation: Doctorate Student: Chemistry

After Chrysalis, I started work on my bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Central Washington University; finished 2008. I then chose to study as a chemistry doctorate student at the University of Oregon. Currently, I plan on defending my thesis work towards the end of summer 2012. My research is in solid state/materials chemistry; specifically I use physical vapor deposition to create ultra-thin film nano-laminates. The generic goal of our research is to investigate the fundamental chemistry behind correlations between physical properties and nano-strucure. Afterwords, I hope to return to the pacific northwest and work for industry in materials chemistry.

Besides work, My wife Stephanie and I celebrated six years of marriage this year and are expecting a baby girl in late February, her name is Chloe and she is our first child. Stephanie works at a local day care; she has always enjoyed working with children.

The last year of a doctorate degree is typically very time consuming… I’m writing this bio at Argonne National Laboratory (southwest of Chicago) where we are running X-ray diffraction studies with the Advanced Photon Source synchrotron. Some year I hope to find the time for another hunting trip.

My advice to seniors at Chrysalis: be intelligent, you should seek further education but not all degrees are created equal. Have the foresight to see that your education will lead to stable employment.