Advanced Biology: BioExpo!

We are excited to announce that this year, our Advanced Biology students are participating in a citywide program called BioExpo! This is a unique, hands-on opportunity for students to apply their science coursework and be mentored by a real-world expert. In this yearlong program, students choose a field of interest and contact a corresponding science professional to coach and instruct them for a final project. A few of the chosen mentors have included: Physical Therapists, Cancer Researchers, Sports Medicine Doctors, and PHD professors. One student has been invited to sit in on her professor’s college class, and another has received an ongoing hospital position, shadowing her mentor and gaining hands-on experience. These professional relationship builds great connections for the students and opens doors for future jobs.

Throughout this process students learn life skills such as; writing professional emails, practicing interviewing, time management, and organization. Students utilize OpenCourseWare from MIT’s Introduction to Biology throughout the program giving them a glimpse into the college class experience.

This Advanced Biology takes classroom learning to the next level.  Check back in as we continue to follow our students progress.